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Val Dostalek

Award-winning wedding and portrait photographer. Many clients hire Val for his vision to record special events like a Weddings, Graduation or the family’s vacations with clear, focused and creative photographs. 

He has been taking pictures of art work for artists to build their portfolios and catalogs for many years. He has also created websites for various institutions.

Val enjoys sharing with people the knowledge he’s acquired on different subjects and likes to work with children.  www.valdostalek.com


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Jana Kenney

Jana Bednarkova Kenney is an independent French artist and art teacher from the Czech Republic. After earning her M.A. Degree in Ceramics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, she immigrated to France, and established the Artaim Studio and Gallery in central Paris. She has been teaching since 1990 and her ceramics have been exhibited in many countries including Japan and Korea. After her successful seventeen-year career in Paris and two years of work in Hawaii in JBK Studio in Kailua, she moved to San Diego, California to pursue her artistic vision. www.JanaKenneyCeramics.com