what will you learn?

your camper will be exposed to a wide variety of different art forms including photography, digital media, ceramics, music and dance.

photography by val dostalek

what we will learn

  • How to use your camera properly

  • Learn about composition

  • Optical Illusions

  • Perspective photography Assignment

  • Portrait Assignment

From day one, students will have a camera in hand, completing a variety of photography projects in the studio and in the Park..


ceramics by jana kenney

what we will learn

  • Coil pot with texture

  • Crazy pinch pot

  • lab lidded container/Slab cup

  • Human figure * Animal sculpture

  • Make a mask

  • Ocean scene/Sea creature

  • Tropical paradise

  • Trace the hand sculpture

  • My House/My City

It’s no surprise that kids like dirt, but parents usually don’t. Good thing there is a way to meet in the middle - with clay! Clay is a wonderful media that allows kids to explore and build independently while increasing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.Kids will explore how to shape clay, join wet sections, understand glaze application and learn about what happens during firing. They will be exposed to a wide range of ceramic techniques, like pinch pots, coil pots and hard slab hand building and will also learn about the importance of dedication and follow-through. kidslikeclay.com


music and dance by anna hradsky

what we will learn

dances and songs from around the word * traditional folk dances * orff instruments

In my music camp lessons your children will learn songs and dances from around the world, but I will also use Orff approach which incorporates sounds, speech and movement. This approach supports literacy with a great deal. With this approach I use a lot of children literature that we read, improvise, acting out, finding some elements of language arts, and connecting to the music. In Orff approach that I implement in my music lessons the emphasis are on the process rather than on performance. The improvisation, use of children instruments, and use of folk materials are also important in this approach.